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Did you remember to turn off all of the lights?

Lighting Control Systems

See Your World in a Different Light

Lighting and shade control systems can start with a single room or encompass your entire home. Not only is it possible to eliminate the clutter of multiple light switches, but with the touch of one button, you can set your lights to a preset scene of your choice – creating the perfect setting for your dinner party or movie night with the kids. Don’t worry about whether any lights are on – simply push the “All Off” button on the keypad. With the addition of shades, enjoy total control over the daylight and privacy of your home while protecting your furnishings from the UV rays of the sun and reducing solar heat gain. Not only does a lighting and shade control system simplify your home, it also provides substantial energy savings, examples of which are decreased heating and cooling bills as well as extended bulb life.

Once you experience the convenience of lighting and shade control, you will wonder how you ever lived without it.