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Electronic Essentials serves the greater Portland, Oregon metro area. We specialize in the design and installation of home media and home technology systems, as well as small commercial applications of audio / video and security technologies. This includes:

Home Theater Design & Installation

Your home theater or cinema should be more than just an image on a screen. It is the room that brings your family and friends together to be entertained and wowed. Read more.

Home Media Room / Game Room Design & Installation

Where does your family watch movies, sports, or their favorite sitcom? Where do the kids play their video games? Read more.

Multi-Room Home Audio Systems

The day has arrived where different music tastes can now reside peacefully under one roof. Read more.

Home Automation / Remote Control

With the touch of one button, your home theater will come to life. From the touch panel in the kitchen, see who is at the front door or change the music you are listening to. Read more.

Security & Camera Surveillance Systems

You have many choices of protection in home security systems. Read more.

Lighting Control & Shade Control

Lighting and shading control systems can start with a single room or encompass your entire home. Read more.

Central Vacuum Systems

With a built-in central vacuum system, cleaning only begins with the carpets. Read more.

Hidden & Green Technologies

Most home décor doesn’t center around the TV or the AV equipment. Luckily, Electronic Essentials has solutions that fit everyone. Read more.

Portland Clients

Portland, Oregon Hidden Technologies and System Control

In 2008, we had the opportunity to work with Jim & Janet, a Portland, Oregon couple who were looking for a flat panel television above their fireplace that they only had to see when they were watching TV. This project was a great opportunity to showcase how technology doesn’t have to be the focal point of your room, but can be available with the touch of a button when you are ready to enjoy it. We retro-fitted the cabling above the fireplace so that the wires were hidden. The equipment was located in a different room, but by using the universal remote control, Jim and Janet can control the system easily from their couch. Jim and Janet chose “Schubert at the Piano” as the artwork that cleverly hid their flat panel display. When Jim and Janet turn on their system with their remote control, the artwork scrolls up to reveal the TV. The other service we were able to provide included speakers for them to listen to their music when the TV was not being used, again controlled by the same remote control!